Sleep Mode


When you start the Sleep Mode, you will join a night stay with everyone from [Non Non Biyori]! If you use your hearphones you will feel like you're really talking with everyone! This is an original scenario made only for this App!

【Contents of the Package】
・One dedicated illustration for each character, 4 in total.
・A dedicated scenario with 12 different patterns.
・Sleeping sounds: 40 words in total.
Sample voices

Vacation Pack

There are various Illustration and matching voices for each character included in it! Let's enjoy original [Non Non Biyori] content made specifically for this App!

※A separate purchase is required.

【Contents of the Package】
・6 Exclusive Illustrations
・100 Exclusive Voices x2 Variants
Voice sample

Collect all 30 Illustrations and...!?
Collect all 30 Illustrations and...!?