Up to 10 alarms can be set!
Customize your original Alarm with your favorite 3 voice lines and an illustration! You can also randomize the selection with a button! You can also change the Alarm settings, put a 5 minutes snooze ♪ It's also possible to have characters interact...


Once per day, if you wake up at the set time you can collect a stamp. Once you gather 5 stamps, you will unlock an illustration drawn by SILVER LINK! You can set it for your Alarms or as your Wallpaper! There is one unlockable illustration for each character, for a total of 4!

System Voice Switching

You can switch the System Voice character to your favorite from the Settings screen. Customize the app to your likings!

れんげ ほたる なつみ こまり


Unlocked illustrations and voices can be checked at any time! Collect them all...


Thanks to this it's easy to make a cup-ramen! The timer can be set every minute, and you can set any voice lines of your liking for it!

Top Screen

Use your favorite illustration as the Top Screen wallpaper! If you tap on the characters, they will randomly speak!


Additional content is available in the shop, such as the Sleep Mode and the Vacation Packs. There is an all-in package deal as well!

※The screenshots are work in progress.

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